Confidence Building Exercises

If you were working on your muscles in the gym, your commitment would be to strengthen them so you can become stronger. Self confidence should be treated in the exact same way. The more consistent and persistent you are, the stronger your muscles will become. And you’ll be able to retain it.

Here a couple of confidence building exercises you can follow to strengthen your self confidence muscle.


1. Write out a list of things you’re proud of.

Don’t say – “I’m not proud of anything” because you’d only be lying to yourself. Everybody has something their proud of. Whether it be a piece of work they created, people they’ve helped, a life they’ve changed, or a person they inspired.

Here’s an example of things I myself am proud of in my life, to help you with your list.

  1. I’m proud of this website I’ve created – Just Be Real.
  2. I’m proud of the first retail business I started, selling Video Games and accessories.
  3. I’m proud of the creative work I create online, and the positive feedback I’ve had from it.
  4. I’m proud of myself for following my dreams and not living up to the expectations of society.
  5. I’m proud of the 3+ eBooks I’ve created so far.
  6. I’m proud of myself for exercising on a daily basis, and committing myself to that goal.

What things are you proud of in your life?

Write out the list right now, and don’t stop until you run out of things to be proud of. Doing this will raise your confidence higher than you would have believed possible. Because it forces you to acknowledge the things about yourself that you’re happy with.


2. Write out a list of things you’re good at doing.

Not every singer will be as talented as Michael Jackson. And not every golf player will be as successful as Tiger Woods.

When you’re using your strengths, your confidence grows consistently. Because doing something you’re good at and are able to do makes you feel good about yourself. And it makes you realize how skilled you are in certain areas of your life.

So how do you find and list out your strengths?

Ask people you trust to tell you what they believe you’re good at doing. And also ask them to tell you what you’re terrible at doing. Then write out your own list of things you think you’re not good at doing.

After you’ve done all that, here’s what you need to do next. Ask yourself:

  1. What comes easy to me?
  2. What can I do effortlessly?
  3. What am I naturally drawn to? (Art, business, writing, etc)
  4. What do I love doing?
  5. What do people compliment and praise me for?
  6. What skills and talents do I have that I take for granted?

Whatever your answers turn out to be, will be a list of your strengths. Some strengths will be stronger than others, and some weaker. Once you come across it and are aware of your strengths, use them and use them often.

Then your self confidence will grow, and will continue to grow as long as you focus on them. Confident people are confident because they focus on their strengths, and NOT their weaknesses.


3. Write out a list of things you lack confidence in, then practice.

I lack confidence in sky diving, scuba diving, and rock climbing. Why? Because I’ve never done it before. So If I want to build my confidence in these areas, I have to practice, I have to do them more often, and I have to get used to it.

The same principle applies to all of us.

What is it you’re not confident with? Girls? Guys? Singing? Speaking on stage? Writing? Socializing?

Whatever it is, write out a list of things you’re either not confident in, or would like to be confident in. After you’ve wrote out that list, then it’s take to get to work and take action.

The more you practice, learn, fail, make mistakes, take action, and persevere, the more confident you’ll become. You’ve just got to do it enough times and get used it to doing it. Then your level of self confidence will speak for itself.



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