Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem

1.  A lack of self respect.

When you don’t respect yourself, your self esteem suffers. Why? Because you won’t hold yourself to a high standard. And you won’t think very highly of yourself. It’s this type of attitude towards yourself that hurts your self esteem.


2. Self-Hatred.

If you pity yourself, put yourself down, hate to look at yourself in the mirror, and think very low of yourself, you likely have little to no self esteem.


3. Self-Disgust.

Similar to point no.2, feeling disgusted with yourself and feeling disgusting within your own body is an unfortunate characteristic of low self esteem.


4. Comparing yourself to others.

Comparison really is the devil. Comparing yourself to another human being while putting yourself down in the process hurts your self esteem. It makes you feel inferior, and that reflects in your behavior.


5. Feelings of unworthiness.

When you accomplish things you dismiss them, beat yourself up, and genuinely feel unworthy of those accomplishments. Sometimes even feeling like you don’t deserve it and other people would be more deserving of it.


6. Dismissing compliments.

Brushing off compliments and believing the total opposite of what you’re being told is a tell tale sign of low self esteem. Because it shows you don’t believe “you’re good looking, have a nice smile” or whatever it is people compliment you on.


Resources to help you build your self esteem.

Regardless of what many people will say, you don’t need therapy, counseling or coaching to build your self esteem.

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