Motivational Hip Hop Songs By Chamillionaire To Start Listening To

17+ Motivational Hip Hop Songs By Chamillionaire To Start Listening To

Chamillionaire is my favourite rapper of all time. It’s not something I’ve talked about a lot if at all, but it’s the truth.

The way he carries himself as a person, in business, in music, and his ways of thinking from a far is something I’ve always respected.

He made music without the need to use curse words, explicit language, the N word every second, and other cliches that most rappers are incapable of doing.

His music has a message and can be motivational, and that’s the point of this post.

Here’s a list of motivational songs by Chamillionaire to listen to when:

  • In the gym.
  • At home.
  • Outdoors.

Or whenever you feel like grabbing your headphones (or speakers) and listening to something with substance.


1. Keep Drivin (Reighfall EP)

YouTube video

The gist of this song is to keep going, keep persisting, and keep pursuing the goal. Or in the context of the title: “keep driving”.

Solid chorus, and solid lyrics.


2. Running Laps (Ammunition EP)

YouTube video

One of Chamillionaire’s best songs of all time. From the intro of the song to the African-influenced elements in bits and pieces, to the chorus, lyrics, and overall positive message.

This is the motivational song you listen to and make shit happen.


3. Cloud 9 (Reighfall EP)

YouTube video

“Some people don’t like me, those people don’t matter to me. Some people don’t ;like me, must be because I’m riding so clean like I’m coasting on cloud nine.” – Chamillionaire

Another motivational song worth its weight in gold.

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4. Never Enough (Ammunition EP)

YouTube video

Even though the gist of this song is about life itself, and how no matter what you do it can sometimes be or feel like it’s never enough, it’s in a positive context.

It’s not at all negative. It’s encouraging, inspiring, deep, thought provoking, and something you have a good listen to.


5. Middle Finger Up (Mixtape Messiah 4)

YouTube video

A mixtape classic (The Mixtape Messiah Series in general). Middle Finger Up is a song that sounds exactly as it does.

The main difference is there’s no profanity, explicit words, or the usual you’d see in hip-hop songs with similar titles. This is Chamillionaire we’re talking about after all.

It’s a middle finger to those who have a problem with you, wanna dictate to you, or attempt to tell you what’s best for you as if YOU don’t know whats best for yourself.


6. I’m Focused (Major Pain)

YouTube video

Plain and simple.

Get focused, stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize, don’t stop.


7. Rocky Road ft. Devin The Dude (Ultimate Victory)

YouTube video

A more thoughtful, mellow type of song that makes you pay closer attention to the words, he lyrics, the meaning, and the message.

Singy hooks and chorus, and a reflection of the darker-ish side of life as you navigate.


8. Voice Of Reason

YouTube video

Pride and arrogance get people killed all the time. As we say in Jamaica, heads get licked off people’s shoulders. And it’s tragic.

This song emphasizes two sides of the same coin and explains the benefits and ultimately the outcome of being egotistical vs logical and sensible to do more than just stay alive.


9. Eatin (Reignfall EP)

YouTube video

Catchy song with the flow you’d expect from Chamillionaire. It’s about doing well and celebrating that in a nutshell.


10. Reignfall ft Scarface, Killer Mike, Bobby Moo

YouTube video

Thought-provoking lyrics that hit deeper topics relating to life, losing loved ones, pains, tragedy, and the process of navigating through it with a positive mind despite the weight of it all.

The chorus is on point.


11. Standing Ovation (Ultimate Victory)

YouTube video

One of Chamillionaire’s best songs that go underappreciated from an underappreciated album Ultimate Victory.

The title says it all.


12. Denzel Washington ft Z-RO (Mixtape Messiah 7)

YouTube video

A money-making song. A money motivational piece of music. Fans will be familiar with this style coming from Chamillionaire featuring Z-RO.

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13. Good Morning (Single)

YouTube video

Might be Chamillionaire’s most positive song he’s ever made in his entire career. And the views and success it had is well deserved.

It’s a positive take on dealing with haters.


14. It’s Just Pain (Mixtape Messiah 3)

YouTube video

As the song says, it’s just pain. Sometimes pain can bring us down, but with the right mindset, it can drive us and motivate us to push past it.

This song more highlights the emotions you feel and the thoughts that come with it when at your low points.


15. I’m On It (Mixtape Messiah 7 Disc 2)

YouTube video

Another money-making style song. One highlighting the hustle, work ethic, grind, perseverance, and making moves to succeed.

It’s one of my favourite choruses from Chamillionaire.


16. Living Good (Mixtape Messiah 3)

YouTube video

Living good is what we all wanna do in the end. This song highlights that but not in a dramatic or overly positive way. That’s just the name of the song as it’s in the chorus.

Either way, it’s a good redo of an original song, typical of the Mixtape Messiah series.


17. What The Business Is (Mixtape Messiah 4)

YouTube video

A redo of Jay Z’s original song “I’m getting it”.

Personally, I liked this better but that’s because I didn’t even know it was originally a Jay-Z song.

Straight business talk, money, making moves, the hustle, and lyrical content you can’t help but appreciate and laugh at with the cleverness and creativity.

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