They were trying to kill him, and beat the living shit out of this guy.

Who is “this guy”? Let me explain.

I remember walking through South Manchester on a cool day (no pun intended).

I can’t remember where I was headed, but all I know is this…

As I walked along the pavement, something caught my eye.

My instincts started nudging me like a tap on the shoulder.

I looked to my right, and noticed a guy my age (early 20’s at the time) running like Usain Bolt.

I thought hold on a second, what the F is going on here? I knew the situation looked tense.

And then a few seconds later 2-3 other guys were running after Usain Bolt Jr (we’ll call him that).

The pursuers started shouting:


Or something like that.

But of course Usain Bolt Jr was so fast they gave up the chase.

The pursuers were out-ran and didn’t stand a chance.


Bullying Is A Game Of Predator Vs Prey

Of course my story is an extreme version of this, but it’s the sad truth none the less.

How do I know they were bullies? I’ve been bullied before, I know the vibes.

And better yet: I know a bully when I see one. The vibes were so intense the air felt like it was gonna snap into 2 pieces.

Except if they caught the “victim”, they would have done more than just bully him…

You’re smart enough to know what I mean.


Bullying is a game of predator vs prey, and the only way to stop it is to NOT be the weakest-link.

When the big bad Lion in the African Jungle decides it’s hungry, guess what happens?

It starts throwing it’s weight around after deciding who the “unlucky” victim is going to be.

And before long – the Lion’s prey is gripped tightly and slaughtered while being overwhelmed by the Lions weight.

In the same way, If a bully knows you’re a weak target, they hold the power. And you lose control of the situation.


If the prey is weak, the bully has dominance over their victim. And gets to decide what happens…

Which is to say: Bullying happens because the bully chooses people they can take advantage of.

The only way to prevent this from happening is: you have to become stronger.

During high school I always made a point to stand my ground and defend myself.

It didn’t matter how many bullies gathered together to make their weak little selves seem stronger.

It never mattered how big or tall the bully was either.

No matter what, I stood my ground, and became stronger with every action I took.

Was it hard? Of course. Mentally I was defeated.

After hearing “you’re ugly” 10000’s of times, I started to believe that bullshit they sold me.

The me I am today is empathetic to the old me who struggled to see his own value and self-worth.

In fact – the old me couldn’t even look himself in the mirror. As he was reminded of the negative words shoved down his throat so often.

But regardless, I endured it. And became stronger as a result.

So strong that It never happened again, and could never again happen for that matter.

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Bullying Is A Game Of Predator Vs Prey, And Becoming Stronger Is The Solution

Unlike a reindeer or whatever animal a Lion preys on, you as a human being can become stronger.

You become stronger by:

  • Surrounding yourself with positive, optimistic people.
  • Listening to those who are positive. Even if it’s from a distance.
  • Monitoring your thoughts, and changing any negatives to a positive.
  • Doing the things that make you FEEL good about yourself.
  • Looking beyond where you are, and focusing on what you can become.
  • Practice, practice, and even more practice.

And by becoming stronger, you can fend off the wolves who prey on the weak to justify their shitty lives.

Bullying happens ONLY because people are weak. And while that’s unfair, it’s the brutal truth.

Strengthen your mind, your body, your resolve and resilience.

Do that, and you’ll no longer be the prey.

Which means you’ll no longer be preyed upon by the cowards who feed off the pain they cause you.


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