Everybody’s bitching, moaning, stressing, and arguments over the UK leaving the EU. Get over it…

And on that point, I’m ignorant, meaning I don’t know all the technical details behind it all because I don’t care. But there’s one thing I do know for a fact…

There are two sides to a coin

A coin has two sides: Heads and tails.

One side represents positive, the other side negative.

One side represents a plus, the other side a minus.

One side represents advantages, the other side disadvantages.

One side has its pros, and the other side has its cons.

One side of the coin is problematic

The London stock exchange took a beating not long after all this came into play.

Barclays and RBS Bank seem to have suffered because of it.

There are reports on hate crimes and racism since the UK left the EU.

Tons and tons of people are arguing, hating, and fighting each other on the internet because of it.

The whole world is going crazy over it, and it may have a negative impact on the global economy.

And god knows what else may or may not happen because of Brexit. One things for sure, everybody’s panicking….

The other side of the coin is beneficial

As I said already, I’m ignorant and don’t know the full details. But then again, there aren’t many who do know. That being said, I guarantee you this…

Some people WILL benefit from it, and some people won’t

THAT is the brutal truth behind Brexit, and the EU Referendum

There’s rarely any bad without any good, and rarely any good without any bad. Where there’s a positive there’s also a negative.

And it’s up to you to decide where the positive is in this situation. And it’s up to you to use the positives to your own benefit, or be swallowed by the negative to your own detriment.

Stressing out over the negative won’t solve the problem

It’ll only inflate the problem and make matters worse. Whether emotionally, economically, or mentally. That’s the brutal truth, and there’s no debating it.