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Dominate eBay: The Sellers Guide To Thriving On eBay

Back when I sold products on eBay, I built a business that made £3000+ a week (profit) and over £6000 in sales. In less than 12 months.

This book takes you through the process of:

  • How to make your first sale on eBay.
  • How to sell.
  • What to sell.
  • How to choose high demand, low supply products.
  • How to stand out and market yourself on eBay.
  • How to differentiate yourself from the overwhelming competition.
  • How to find distributors and wholesalers (no matter what niche it is).
  • How to discover what your competitors advantage is, and outsell them.

And tons of more information to help you get started on eBay, as a business or a casual seller.

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7 Time Management Tips For Home Based Businesses ebook

7 Time Management Tips For Home Based Businesses


“The powerful, practical strategies in this book can enable you to turn your business into a great success.” – Brian Tracy, Author of Unlimited Sales Success

Time is your most important asset. And how you use your time in your home based business is crucial to getting the results you want.

This book will help you:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Decide which tasks you should focus on
  • Avoid the wrong things to stay on top of your time
  • SAVE time
  • Be more productive
  • Defeat procrastination
  • Open your mind up to new ways of thinking

start saving more time, boosting your productivity, and getting more done in your home based businesses.

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30 Reasons To Keep It Real Be Who Youre Meant To Be

30 Reasons To Keep It Real & Be Who You’re Meant To Be

From the moment you’re born into this world we call planet earth, society is trying to change who you are.

Whether that means your parents trying to make you a certain way, or your friends, teachers, strangers, the media, news channels and so on.

I’m here to say you don’t NEED to be something you’re not to be accepted.

This book will help you:

  • Open your mind and see things in a positive light.
  • Change your perspective.
  • Grow your self confidence.
  • Raise your self esteem.
  • See things differently.
  • Break the chain that’s holding back your self confidence.
  • Free yourself from the opinions of other people.
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Stay Focused Ebook

55 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is about getting more done, being effective, and cutting out distractions.

This book will give you a quick-fire way to do exactly that. Through uncommon tips not typically found or encouraged on the internet.

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10 No Nonsense Quotes Ebook

10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

This is a short book with a collection of quotes taken from a popular blog on this site.

Use it as a guide to keep coming back to.

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Animemotivation Com

There’s an endless amount of SCAMS on the internet. And the anime industry takes advantage of foolish buyers when shopping for figurines or merchandise.

This eBook guides you while shopping online to keep you safe throughout the entire experience (and much more).

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Motivational Animes Recommendations Ebook

I’ve watched 100’s of anime in my lifetime. And of all the shows I’ve seen, these 12 anime are some of the most motivational, inspirational, filled with dozens of life lessons.

And you’re likely to discover great shows you’ve never heard of.

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Attack On Titan Quotes Ebook

Attack on Titan is one of the most famous, commercially successful anime to date. That’s true even for TV shows in general.

For fans of the series I added some of the best, eye opening, inspirational quotes for fans to keep coming back to.

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