You Have To Be A “Stupid Idiot” Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

You Have To Be A "Stupid Idiot" Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

My computer died a tragic death and I cried for hours as if I was mourning someone’s death at a funeral.

Of course I’m talking bullshit right now, but my computer seriously did die on me.

I remember when I never know anything about computers or technology back in 2000-2008 onwards. Which is shocking considering I was a fucking teenager during those years.

I knew the basics like searching on Google for how to fly like Superman (I wish) but beyond the basics I was dumb and uneducated.

How dumb and uneducated? Dumb enough to not know how to Install or even buy anti-virus for a computer to keep it safe and spring clean.

One day I logged into the computer and saw a small pop up that said: you have 60 seconds to save your work before the computer shuts down.

You Have To Be A "Stupid Idiot" Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

What I saw was more “WTF” than this.

This happened when I tried using the Internet through Internet explorer (imagine that).

Over the next few weeks this infection became worse and porn windows forced themselves into my browser. And magically downloaded random files on the computer.

Before I knew it my computer said “I’m about to fucking die, and it’s your fault for being stupid enough to not install anti-virus. You fucking idiot.”

Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes, so that’s exactly what happened. My computer died after exhaling its last breath.


You have to be stupid before you can be smart

You Have To Be A "Stupid Idiot" Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

Have you heard of the Video Game – Ninja Gaiden? It first appeared on the Super Nintendo. Also known as the Super Snes.

You Have To Be A "Stupid Idiot" Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

I first heard of Ninja Gaiden after it released on the PlayStation 2 in the 2000’s.

Around 2008-2009 when I owned an Xbox 360, I bought the new version of Ninja Gaiden. And played it on the hardest fucking difficulty possible (called Master Ninja).

There were only 5 or 10 people in the world to have ever beaten that difficulty successfully.

I must have lost 1000’s of times before I became smart enough to understand every little detail about each level, boss, enemy, skill, and obstacle. Losing made me too smart to fail.

Eventually I completed Ninja Gaiden on the hardest difficulty, making me one of the handful of gamers to have succeeded in spite of the most impossible in-game challenges.

I felt like a fucking genius. But in reality I just learned from my mistakes and became too smart to fail after losing a soul crushing amount of battles.


Every smart person was stupid in the beginning

You Have To Be A "Stupid Idiot" Before You Can Become A Smart Ass 

When you take your first step into doing something new, your mind pressures you into believing things like:

  • I’m too young! Nobody will take me seriously.
  • Why would anybody listen to an amateur like me?
  • I don’t even know what I’m doing, so what’s the point in doing it?
  • I’m not smart enough!
  • Compared to X, I’m not good enough. So I may as well quit while I can.

And while there might truth to it, it doesn’t matter. Because not being smart enough is OK in the beginning. As long as you’re committed to making the transition.

As a child, people thought Albert Einstein was slow, stupid, retarded and weird as fuck. Because he didn’t speak until he was between 4-5 years old.

Little did they know how smart he was bound to become through relentless practice, training and effort.

A once seemingly stupid kid became a genius with a powerful legacy we all know of today.

And there’s only one reason: because being smart is the result of failing, making mistakes, and learning until you figure it out.

Stupidity is temporary, but smarts last forever once you know what you’re doing and HOW to do it.

To become smart, you must first start out as foolish. And there’s no shame in that.

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  • Hi Theo…What’s Up! I see it that those stupid mistakes and failures are the best opportunity to learn. Of course, while you grow up you do less stupid mistakes, if you learn from them they become more sophisticated. I really recommend the book Principles from Ray Dalio It’s the way of life man, nobody can cheat it. The true way up is climbing through sharp rocky bushes, not by helicopter.

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