“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” – Joel Osteen

This post was inspired by the G & E Show – Be Thankful Never Satisfied by Grant Cardone & Elena Cardone.

Ever since 2011 – 2012, I’ve been practicing gratitude, being grateful and learning to appreciate more.

It’s not that I wasn’t grateful prior to those years, It’s just I didn’t practice gratitude on a daily basis.

I also wasn’t aware of how powerful it can be once you get into the flow of it.

My life has changed in many ways since I started, and I’ve noticed I complain less, bitch less, stress less and get angry less.

I appreciate what I have and I’m grateful for where I am and what I’ve learned.

I’m grateful for my mistakes, set backs, and appreciative of everything up until this point.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with where I’m at, what I have, what I achieved or where I want to go in life. Far from it.

And that’s the point I’m making in this post. NEVER BE SATISFIED. 


Be grateful for what you have and never be satisfied

Being grateful is cool, being appreciative is cool, and from experience, I’d recommend them both.

It’s healthy for the mind and the body. And It’ll shift your mindset on a massive level. At least It has for me.

BUT don’t let gratitude be an excuse for not wanting to strive for more than you have.

Don’t let gratitude be an excuse to settle for less just because you’re grateful.

Most of the time we see satisfaction as a good thing.

We see it as “If I’m satisfied, then I’m happy”. But I don’t agree with that belief. When you’re satisfied, you’re “just” OK.

You’re somewhere along the middle, in between feeling fulfilled and not feeling fulfilled. You’re on the border line of success and no success.

Seeing appreciation as satisfaction puts you in the “That’s fine” category.


You don’t want to be “just fine” with anything

What you need to do is strive to be better, do better, have better and live better.

You need to never be satisfied with what you have, where you are, what you’ve achieved and what you’ve accomplished.

That puts you in the mindset of self improvement, which I talked about in my last post. – Why Smart People Commit To Self Improvement Everyday.

When you see those you admire and those who are successful, why do you believe they’re successful?

In fact, why do you think they continue to succeed and do great things?

Why do you think some musicians continue to prosper and stay on top, while others don’t?

Why do you think many sports players. business men and women, writers and designers continue to progress in their careers?


They’re not interested in “just fine” because they’re never satisfied

They might be grateful and appreciative, but they’re never satisfied. Satisfaction kills.

And funny enough, the more satisfied you are, the less of it you end up having. Because satisfaction isn’t enough.

Satisfaction doesn’t grow, doesn’t progress, doesn’t move forward or get better.

It just stays afloat, barely above the water,  In the middle, and on the border line.

Never being satisfied is the reason technology and the internet keep on improving.

Never being satisfied is the reason smartphones get better, and people tirelessly seek new solutions to solve problems.

Never being satisfied is the reason scientists are always at work, and why creative people seek new ways to make our lives better.


Be grateful for what you have and never be satisfied!

There’s always a new challenge to face, a new goal to achieve, and a new plateau to reach.

So keep reaching, keep pushing, keep striving, and push satisfaction to the side as you do it. 🙂


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