Life’s not always as pretty as a garden full of daisies.

But that shouldn’t stop you from being optimistic.

Even in times of challenges and setbacks.

Or when life gets twisted like the type of vomit the mainstream media throws up everyday of the week.

When it all comes down to it we ALL have choices.

And more often than not you should choose to be optimistic. Even If the challenges you’re facing are negative in nature.

Because if you’re optimistic, the results will always be better. And you’ll feel a lot better as well.

Attitude and state of mind will be the difference between a bad day, and a bad day turned into a better day.


Optimist Prime Vs Negatron

When you’re an optimist prime:

  1. You look at problem solving versus backing away from the problem.
  2. You have a positive attitude towards the future.
  3. You find ways to keep your spirits high.
  4. You surround yourself with people who are also optimistic.
  5. You not only have an optimistic attitude towards the future, you look at things logically.
  6. You’ll have the confidence to keep moving forward.
  7. Other people are more drawn to your energy and passion.
  8. Your optimism is so infectious other people can’t help but feel optimistic themselves.
  9. You feel a lot better about yourself.

When you’re a negatron:

  1. You constantly beat yourself up.
  2. You can’t see straight or as clearly as you’d like.
  3. Your decisions are blurred and end up regrettable.
  4. You feel less capable, able, and even powerless.
  5. You lack the energy, drive and determination to keep going.
  6. It’s physically draining.
  7. You not only push people away from you, you push the RIGHT people away from you.
  8. It’s tough to be in your own skin.

How To Be An Optimist Prime.

1. Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s harder to be optimistic if you’re making mistakes and never learning from them.

So with every big mistake you make, review it and see where you went wrong. And figure out what steps you can take to avoid repeating those same mistakes.


2. Practice Self Awareness

If you’re not aware of what you’re capable of, what you’ve achieved, and where you’re going, it’s harder to be optimistic.

Pessimism and negativity comes from a lack of self awareness and a sense of unknowing.

If you knew how to cook a Chinese meal, you wouldn’t be negative or pessimistic towards it.

Knowledge is power, but only when it’s used and when you’re aware of it.


3. Work on yourself and your skills

You can’t be optimistic if your skills are lacking in one area or another.

To change that you need to practice relentlessly, consistently, and persistently. Non-stop.

The more you practice and put in the time, the better you’re going to become. Whether it be getting better at:

  1. Communicating with the opposite sex.
  2. Becoming a better gamer.
  3. Becoming a better writer.
  4. Becoming a better entrepreneur.
  5. Becoming a better boxer.
  6. Becoming a better storyteller.

And so on.

Practice gives you the permission to be optimistic about what you’re doing.