8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

The easiest way to become unhappy in our society is to follow the ridiculous rules that were created by it.

A LOT of these rules are created by people who either:

  • Fear your own success.
  • Don’t want you to be better off than they are.
  • Are afraid of doing the same thing themselves.
  • People who are brainwashed.
  • People who follow what others say without questioning anything.
  • Benefit from you following the rules.
  • And of course… The news and media. (The biggest culprits of all)

They say rules are to be followed, right? Well the set of rules I’m about to mention are to be broken, busted, destroyed and burnt to the ground.

Because that’s about as useful as they get. The saying monkey see monkey do exists for a reason. But you’re a human being, not a monkey. 

So to avoid feeling like a monkey…

Here are 8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following, right NOW.


1. No means NO

Kids in particular are used to hearing their parents or teachers telling them this. But society as a whole will insinuate this as if it has truth to it.

Growing up being told NO is bound to damage you and deter you from asking for what you want. As well as putting in the work for what you want.

No does NOT mean no, because if you really want something bad enough you can have it.

And if somebody else has gotten it, there’s no reason you yourself can’t have it too.

When someone denies or rejects us, they’re either:

  • Doing it to deter you.
  • Doing it because they genuinely aren’t interested.
  • Doing it because they believe you’re not good enough.
  • Doing it because they fear your potential for success.
  • Doing it because they have other priorities.
  • Doing it because they don’t have the time.
  • Or they simply just dislike us for whatever reason.

None of those reasons scream out “no means no”, it just tells you that they’re either not willing to say yes yet, or you’re dealing with the wrong person all together.


2. Don’t promote yourself to often

“You’re either doing the selling, or being sold to.” – Grant Cardone

Another silly rule society will expect you to follow. But as Grant Cardone points out – you’re either doing the selling, or being sold to.

There;s NO exception to this rule.

  • If you don’t promote yourself, how is anybody supposed to know WHO you are?
  • If you don’t promote yourself, how is anybody supposed to know WHAT you do?

Not promoting yourself often will guarantee not enough people knowing you.

It’s a noisy world full of billions of people so you’ve got to promote yourself as often as possible.

Nobody’s going to do the self promotion for you, so it’s your job to break this rule and make it happen.

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3. Don’t brag or share your accomplishments

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

You can’t expect to accomplish anything if you believe accomplishments shouldn’t be shared.

Or worse, that other people shouldn’t share them.

In our society we’re taught bragging is a bad thing and sharing our accomplishments is wrong. Why? There’s a couple of reasons:

  • People who’ve achieved LESS may feel inadequate.
  • People in general don’t like the truth.
  • People are jealous of others successes.
  • People are envious of people’s accomplishments.
  • SUCCESS is a word many people don’t encourage in our society.
  • Bragging is seen as being vain, stuck up and arrogant.

Notice how these issues I brought up are PEOPLE problems?

That’s right, that means YOU are not the problem in these scenarios.

The problem is with the people who share this broken way of thinking.

If you’ve accomplished something and you’re proud, share it with confidence and break this limiting rule once and for all.


4. You have to go out clubbing on a Friday night

We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like. ― Dave Ramsey

The problem with this mentality is it’s DUMB. Yeah, I said it.

I got sick of people telling me – “you don’t go clubbing on the weekend? So what else do you do then?”

Or – “Don’t be so boring, it’ll be fun” as if it’s a requirement, a need or a duty.

Doing the same shit as everybody else and “pretending” to be a celebrity for the weekend makes no sense to me. So I don’t intend to do it.

Don’t fall into this trap. Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

What it does mean though is you’re a sheep following the herd without any sense of direction or purpose.

It’s OK to spend your weekend educating yourself, working, reading, or anything else society objects to doing.

5. You HAVE to go to college and get your degree

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

Teenagers of all ages from all backgrounds, countries and religions are pressured into going to college.

That’s just how the average parent or teacher in our society is. It’s crippling to millions of kids, teenagers and millennials who suffer as a result.

If that’s you, this is the wrong way to think. There’s no such thing as 1 option and 1 option only.

You can take multiple routes to reach your destination in a vehicle. The same principle applies to living the idealistic, successful lifestyle you’re striving for.

You’re NOT a failure if you go to college and don’t pass your exams or get a degree by a certain age. Not at all.

You just need to think about what it is you really want to become, what career, business, etc.

Then decide which vehicle you can jump in that’ll take you to your ideal destination.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. – Earl Nightingale


6. You HAVE to do as you’re told

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

Here’s what happens if you do as you’re TOLD and are too obedient….

  • You’re at the mercy of others.
  • You have 0% control.
  • You become dependent on others.
  • Your level of independence is 0%.
  • You’ll struggle to be who you really are on the inside.
  • You’ll keep everything bottled up inside.
  • You won’t take action independently.
  • You wont do the things you believe in because of fear or criticism.

Doing as you’re told is for robots and slaves. I assure you I don’t intend to be either one of them, and I know you don’t either.

So there’s 2 choices.

  1. Do what you believe in, express yourself openly, practice being yourself and do what’s true to you.
  2. Or succumb to society and live a terrible, miserable, depressing life for the next 50 years.


7. You HAVE to listen to your elders, because they know best

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

You know what’s so painful about the truth? It’s painful…. But you already knew that. ?

But seriously speaking the cold hard truth is not all our “elders” know what they’re talking about.

And In fact, some of the advice our elders give us can do us a LOT more harm than good.

Some of those people may include:

  • Your parents.
  • Your older brothers or sisters.
  • Your older cousins, aunties, uncles.
  • Your school teacher.
  • Your employer.
  • Your Grandma or Granddad.
  • A stranger.

So be aware of the information you’re taking in, and don’t just blindly follow it without any thought.


8. You shouldn’t swear or curse because it’s a bad thing

8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following

A short list of celebs and business people who swear:

  • Ash Ambirge.
  • 50 cent.
  • Grant Cardone.
  • Miley Cyrus.
  • Ludacris.
  • Marie Forleo.
  • Danielle LaPorte.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • Gabby Bernstein.

Society in general treats swearing and cursing like a crime, a sin or worse. But it’s just another form of expression.

If you’re angry, upset, sad, and you feel like swearing, go ahead and do it.

If you feel like swearing or adding a curse word to your sentence, go ahead and do it.

It’s not going to kill you.

And If It kills the person who’s receiving it on the other end, it just means you need to surround yourself with those who accept you for who you are.

Look, I’m not suggesting you should swear till your tongue falls out, but damn. If that’s a part of who you are then fuck it.


So there you have it…..


8 Stupid Social Rules You Need To Stop Following


Do you have any more social rules to add to this list? Go ahead and share them with me! ?

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