7 Worrying Signs You'll Quit On Your Dreams

105 Americans kill themselves everyday, every 12.5 minutes.

6045 people committed suicide in the UK back in 2011. And each year that number has increased.

What’s that got to do with giving up on your dreams? EVERYTHING.

Some people die at the age of 25, but it ain’t made official until they’re 65. – Unknown

As awful and terrible as suicide is, the worst kind of suicide you can commit is to your dreams.

All you’ve got to do is go to the local supermarket, brick and mortar store, or your nearest town centre to see it.

1,000,000’s of people are just “living” for the sake of living. Working for the sake of working. And waking up for the sake of waking up.

They wake up unexcited about life, and go to bed unmotivated about life. In short, they’ve quit on their dreams, ambitions, goals, aspirations, and targets.

And it shows up in their attitudes when you go shopping, and their energy levels when you deal with customer service over the telephone.


7 Worrying Signs You’ll Quit On Your Dreams.


1. You’re always bored out of your face.

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. – Vincent Van Gogh

Log into your Facebook account and you’ll more than likely see someone saying – “I’m bored, message me”.

All the times I was bored in my life I wasn’t too far away from quitting. Either that, or I wasn’t pursuing my dreams in the first place.

Sure everybody can feel “bored” from time to time, but if you’re bored too often, it’s a sign you’ve quit on your dreams.

Because committing yourself to something you’re passion about, or have a purpose for shouldn’t bore you. It should excite and drive you.


2. You’d rather spend your time on TV.

7 Worrying Signs You've Quit On Your Dreams

And when I say spend your time on television, I mean spending MORE time watching Jersey Shore than working on your dreams.

You can’t get motivation from a TV, and being hypnotized by a TV won’t encourage you to push yourself, either.


 3. You make excuses for not working on your goals.

Excuses are the nails used to build the house of failure. – Unknown

There’s always the real reason, and then there’s an excuse. If you make more excuses than you do taking the actions you KNOW you should take, then you’re on the verge of quitting.

Why is that? Because a boat load full of excuses will be enough to KILL your dreams and put em in a coffin.

Excuses drain you of your energy, and stand in the way of what it is you WANT to do. So kill em off or else you’re destined to tread the road of failure.


4. You no longer believe you have what it takes.

7 Worrying Signs You've Quit On Your Dreams

I’ve met many people my age, and even younger than myself. Teenagers, millennials, etc. And many of them have quit going for the big dream. The big goal. The big target.

And some have even suggested I’m crazy, not good enough, am taking a risk, or won’t make it.

What others say about you says more about them than it does about you. – Unknown

If you no longer believe YOU have what it takes, you’re already falling down the slippery slope of failure. And it won’t be long until it’s made official.

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5. You’re around naysayers who’ve quit on their own dreams.

Naysayers are contagious. – Unknown

You are who you surround yourself with, as the saying goes. And If you’re around naysayers, who’ve quit on their OWN dreams, that’s not a good sign.

They’ll talk you out of your own dreams, and even will give you unqualified advice. As well as justify either your actions, or their own actions to make you make sense of quitting.

The best solution for this is to add new people into your life who are driven, positive, and committed. People who are further ahead than you and even more ambitious than you are.

Then you’ll naturally associate less with the types of people who are holding you back.


6. You’re not excited anymore. 

7 Worrying Signs You've Quit On Your Dreams

My nephew and niece are overflowing with energy. As they should be, right? Kids are the most excited, passionate people in the world.

If you don’t have that level of childish excitement, passion, and drive for your dreams, you’ll quit one way or another. Because you won’t be able to maintain that attitude for too long.

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7. You’re tempted to swim in the pool of instant gratification.

Instant gratification takes too long. – Carrie Fisher

Today is bank holiday in the UK. You know what that means? 10000’s of people got drunk last night on Sunday, and blew their entire paycheck on a night out. Or at least what was left of it.

Just to “feel” good for the moment and gratify themselves. Only to suffer the consequences afterwards.

If you’re not disciplined, committed, driven, and serious enough about your dreams, you’ll quit.

And not only will you quit, but you’ll push the power of patience to the side, in favor of gratifying yourself. Even if it costs you your dreams, a bright future, and the things you want to achieve deep down in your heart.

To get something you want, you’ve got to give up something you have.

Either practice patience and commit to seeing your dreams through, or live the ordinary life for the REST of your life.

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