7+ Of The Biggest Scams In Society I’ve Ever Seen That Should Be Questioned

The definition of a scam is being ripped off, swindled, etc.

I like to put it this way:

investing in something that gives you a return SO bad it feels unethical.

If you’ve lived life and had your fair share of experiences, there are a lot of BIG scams that come to mind.

But some won’t come to mind because of indoctrination, brainwashing, and social pressure.

Let’s talk about it.


1. TV license in the UK and various countries

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In the UK there’s a thing called TV License. And if you own a TV, you have to pay a license to the bullshit government to watch it.

It’s basically a type of tax, and you can even be fined for not paying it.

Having to pay a license for a TV you’ve already paid for separately from a company is a scam at its finest. That’s like buying a laptop and having to pay a “computer” license to use it.

Or buying a phone and having to pay a “phone” license to use the technology built within it.

See how ridiculous this concept is? Western governments have no limits to their scams dressed up as “laws”.


2. The tax system in certain countries

YouTube video

The tax system is a joke in certain countries, but fair, good, and sensible in other countries.

The WEST is known for its terrible tax system that:

  • Exploits.
  • Targets.
  • Rips off.
  • Squeezes.

And sucks dry its citizens at every opportunity it gets.

In the USA this depends on the state. California is one of those “rip-off” states.

In the UK, it’s the combination of having 50% tax at the highest rates, on top of council tax, road tax, and the long list of other taxes thrown in there alongside the policies and standards.

This is the reason why so many UK, USA, European, and Western companies put their money in offshore accounts or set up shop in certain jurisdictions across the world to AVOID these ridiculous tax systems.

Some call it a loophole, I call it equality. If it wasn’t a scam or an issue, nobody would need to do it now, would they? (People in the Bahamas aren’t bitching about taxes for good reason).


3. Mortgages

mortgages - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

Remember what happened in 2008? Neither do I. But in all seriousness, this year was when the economy collapsed thanks to mortgage loans, which is a soft scam in my eyes.

You give out a loan for a house with the power to shut down anyone who doesn’t pay it, and usually, since the majority can’t afford to buy it outright, they slave away for 20 years of their life until it’s finally paid.

How can anyone think this is a sane, smart, logical, or ethical way of doing things? Better yet, how can anyone believe it’s acceptable to sacrifice that much of your life for a HOUSE which is a piece of material at its best?

20 years is no joke, neither is 10. Anything that sucks dry your most valuable assets, including money and time, for the hope of having a “house” that you think you own but really don’t, is a scam at best.

These bastards who encourage loans for houses, including banks, should be encouraging people to get rich, only buy a house they can afford (outright), instead of this carrot on the stick bullshit.

It’s an unequal relationship where the buyer gets the short end of the stick by losing out on so much of their life for one measly property because they’ve been indoctrinated to have the wrong mindset, and trained to put a house above all else.


4. Estate agents

estate agent - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

Estate agents get away with murder in countries like the UK, I can’t speak for other countries.

Take for example the bullshit law called “Section 21” which is in the middle of being shut down (probably by 2024) because of how abusive its been.

Let’s say you rent a property, and you have problems with the heating, the insulation, leakage, etc, and you report the problems but the state agents refuse to do their job.

Ok, so you decide to take it further and complain about the estate agents to the council, or a certain organization where these kinds of complaints are reported to.

The estate agent can then turn around and order a section 21 without explanation or reason, which means they get to legally kick you out of your rented property, with a 30 or 90 day order that forces you to leave by that certain date.

It’s called “no-fault eviction”.

You can’t contest this in court, you can’t challenge it, you can’t sue, you can’t get justice. You’re automatically in the wrong despite it being a case of revenge eviction, racism in some cases, and so on.

This is just one of many examples of how estate agents are one of the biggest scams out there who can get away with too much and the tenant has no power to fight back in so many cases (not all).

The landlord also gets to hide behind the estate agents if they too are part of the problem, if not the cause of it.


5. The education system

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You train, get educated and learn topics for YEARS of your life, and most of what you learn is REDUNDANT during and after you’ve finished school/college/university.

You make a sacrifice of time for such a small reward by comparison that it can only feel like you’ve been scammed unless you play mental gymnastics to justify it.

Think about it.

What you start learning today won’t be as valuable 7 years down the line unless it’s in line with technology, anything digital, mathematical, or things that stay constant.

Not only that but topics like:

  • marketing
  • business
  • Sales

And so on are being taught by professors and teachers who KNOW NOTHING about what they’re teaching you. Have never sold a product in their life and have no skills whatsoever.

No experience, no practice, nothing!

That’s like letting someone stick a needle in your arm or give you “doctor” advice, knowing they’re not qualified to be a doctor. Or worse, they’re a drug dealer off the street.

Unless what you study requires formal education, it’s a scam at its finest and even then, the procedures are halfway BS.


6. Believing a house is an asset

house 1 - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket, day in, day out, week in, week out.

Or monthly, quarterly like royalties, etc. Guaranteed.

A house does NOT do any of that. Anyone saying otherwise is part of one of the biggest scams in the world.

It just sits there, collecting dust, you clean it up, do it up, and that’s it.

If you rent a house and make money off tenants every month, then yes, it is now an asset. But until that happens, it’s just a house you dumped money into that you can’t access unless you sell it outright.

Claims of it being worth so much don’t mean jack shit unless you sell it, and even in that scenario, it’s a one-time sale, NOT an asset.

Two different things.


7. Personal Loans

personal loans - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

Personal loans are not just a scam, they’re some of the stupidest mistakes a person can make when it comes to money.

In the UK you have shops like Cash Converters who offer personal loans, but so do banks and all kinds of organizations.

A personal loan is something for:

  • Furniture.
  • Housing.
  • Equipment.

And anything that will NOT put more money in the bank, basically.

You pay crazy interest rates like 35% APR and any variation of that number (lower or higher). This is why they convince you to take out personal loans over the period of 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc.

It’s by design.

You get the short end of the stick to the degree you can barely see the end of it! Their portion is massive.


8. Buying things on finance

buying things on finance meme dog - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

This applies to personal finance deals. Be it cars, laptops, jewellery, and the list goes on.

The hilarious thing about this scam is people WILLINGLY take the bait and bite that shit until there’s nothing left of it.

What’s worse is you’ve been convinced that getting your car on finance, or clothes, jewellery, etc, is a smart idea because the salesman is so good at talking their shit.

To say you don’t get the shit end of the deal is an understatement at its finest.


9. Contract phones

woman holding iPhone during daytime

Contract phones are an easy scam to fall for as far as “legal” scams.  I fell for it.

You buy a phone on contract that costs let’s say, £40 per month instead of paying £800 cash or so. That sounds like a good deal, right?

You get:

  • Minutes.
  • Text.
  • Data.

And all the other good stuff.

But in reality, buying the phone for £800 cash is cheaper than paying per month since you end up paying an extra £200 cash, sometimes more or less (often more).

You get the shit end of the stick unless it’s a NO INTEREST option, without the extra hidden chargers they also throw in.


10. Value added tax

vat - https://theojellis.com/7-of-the-biggest-scams-in-society-ive-ever-seen-that-should-be-questioned/

Value-added tax is a joke of a system. When you make over £80 to £90K there is an extra 20% “VAT” that goes with that on top of everything else.

Also, this ends up making products more expensive for customers since many companies pass those expenses onto customers rather than take the hit themselves.

Nobody wins.

Countries like:

  • Jersey.
  • Panama.
  • Many Caribbean islands.
  • Asian countries.

Don’t have such a system in place, this is purely a Western thing, or a UK thing if you wanna be specific.

Again, this is exactly why so many people and companies set up their companies offshore, have offshore banks,  or find loopholes since the UK, USA, and Western tax systems are laughable.

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