1. Before you believe what people say, validate it

harsh life lessons

When I started my first retail business online, I used a local supplier for smartphones. IPhones in particular.

The shop owner told me how they order from Apple directly, and they’re VAT registered (which means they make over £70–80K a year).

Like an idiot I believed every word because it seemed “legit”.

Then not too long after selling IPhones, 2 customers phone me up claiming the IPhones are fake.

I tell them to send the IPhones back and I’ll get it handled. Guess what? They were right.

The headphones weren’t legit. Neither were the phones. It was subtle but with a trained eye you could see it.

I couldn’t return the phones to she shop keeper, and he acted as if it was a lie.

None of his claims were true. They weren’t VAT registered either. I went direct to Apple and they confirmed the phones being fake, etc.

Always validate before you believe the BS people come out with. No matter how genuine they appear.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

In high school there were a couple of kids crossing the road. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this….

In all his excitement, he ran across the road to get to the other side where his friends were. Not knowing how foolish and dangerous it is on such a busy road.

He made it to the other side….. Except he was on the floor, covered in blood, and his body froze up. He survived but there’s a lesson here.

Another example is when I went food shopping. On the way back I had my headphones on, playing one of Chamillionaire’s songs – In The Trunk.

Then all of a sudden 3+ guys attacked and robbed me. I had no idea what was going on because I was in shock.

I got off lucky. It could have been worse. I could have been one of those victims who end up on the news after all.

ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings….

3. Grades DON’T equal success

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

The education system is a lie. It’s there to boost your ego and make you feel more important than others. Based on how much higher your grades are in comparison.

It’s there to make you believe if you get an A*, you’ll be mega successful and you’ll live life happily ever after…. (Yeah right)

I never had the best grades academically. That’s not where my strengths lie.

Almost everybody I can think of got much better grades than I did. And yet, I don’t know a single one of them who has the “promised” success the education system sells you.

The same success you’re brainwashed to believe is only achievable with high grades.

It’s the complete opposite.

When people come out of college or university and face the real world, the reality is very different to the dream.

Grades DO NOT equal success. The proof is out there.

4. When shit gets real, you’ll know who your true friends are

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

One day I was stabbed in a racist attack.

Before it happened my “real” friends who told me they’d “have my back” no matter what…. You know how fast Sonic the Hedgehog is, right? Well that’s how fast some of them ran off.

When life gets real, whether that’s being a victim of crime, going bankrupt, a divorce, being made redundant, or contracting a deadly disease, you’ll know WHO your REAL friends are.

Until then the people you consider friends may just be full of shit and you don’t realize it.

5. The benefits of being generous heavily outweigh the negatives

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

I don’t mean being generous with an ulterior motivate, either. I mean being generous because that’s just how you are.

If someone asks you for money when they need it, and you want to give it them, don’t be afraid to do it. Why? Because if they never show up again or they’re ungrateful, it means they aren’t worth your time.

And it proves what type of person they really are.

You won’t know that unless you do it. Same goes for any other type of help or generosity.

The benefits heavily outweigh the negatives, so don’t hold back (within reason).

6. Actions speak louder than sweet-talk

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

Your family may be blood related, but does that make them family?

Your parents may be your parents, but do they treat you like a parent should? What about your Auntie, Uncle, Brothers, etc?

As with friends, actions speak louder than sweet-talk.

So if your family (or anybody) makes the excuse of being blood related, caring, loving, and yet they treat you like shit, use you, etc, they’re not your family. They’re not your friends. They’re your enemy.

7. Money is a lie detector

7 Harsh But Important Lessons Life Has Taught Me

This is far from a joke.

Ask yourself this question – If I won £300M by playing the lottery, would my friends/family/wife/husband treat me any different?

I haven’t won the lottery and I have no way near £300M, but I’ve learned that a lot of people are full of shit. The moment you have money is the moment you see people for who they REALLY are.

There’s a story of a lottery winner in the UK who after becoming a millionaire, his EX girlfriends started calling him out the blue. And one of them unsuccessfully tried suing him for £1M.

The other EX girlfriend won’t let him see his daughter anymore because she’s such a poisonous/insecure you know what…..

It doesn’t even have to be a lot of money. And you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to prove it.

All you’ve got to do is go to the club, buy a few £100-£200 bottles, and watch how people start treating you versus when you go to the club and buy £10 bottles.

Or associate yourself with someone wealthy then tell people about it. The same people who you thought you knew will soon change their tune. Not everybody, but some will.

Or walk into the bank, dress smart, and make a small deposit into your account. Then come back a week later in casual clothes, pull out stacks of cash and make a deposit.

I guarantee the bank teller will treat you differently and kiss your ass.

This YouTube video by Vitaly proves my point a little better: