We’ve all been a victim of “news watching”. But I ain’t gonna bullshit you because I’ve done the same. Once upon a time…..

I not only had a bad habit of looking up news sites on a daily basis, I was even following news sites on social media.

So I could read up on “crime” and all of that typical stuff going on in my area. Manchester evening news is the source in case you’re curious.

There are 6 reasons you should stop watching the news today. Regardless of what you’ve been lead to believe.


1. It’s All Smoke & Mirrors

The majority of what you see and read about the news is manufactured. Most of it is portrayed  in such a way to point viewers away from what’s really happening. 

It’s the same reason people associate bombings with Asian people, “drugs” with black people, and “racism” with white people. Etc. And that takes me to my next point…..


2. It’s Stereotypical

There’s a reason certain things are associated with certain types of people, cultures, races, etc. The media is excellent at marketing this type of… Ya know… Bullshit. 

While you’re stupid enough to believe and be sucked into the nonsense on the news, BIGGER things are happening in the world.


3. Its not productive

All those hours and minutes spent on WATCHING the news… Getting FURIOUS over what he said or she said….. Complaining, whining, hating and gossiping….

Then joining in the argument on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter…. All that time could be put to GOOD USE.

Haven’t you got an article to publish? Haven’t you got a degree to complete? Haven’t you got a song to record?

Haven’t you got books to read or important places to be? Haven’t you got goals to accomplish? Or better yet, haven’t you got a LIFE?

Be a productive person instead of being a damn sheep.


4. You’re only winding yourself up

I get to upset when I watch the news so i just hit the strip in my drop top and cruise. – Chamillionaire

I don’t want to hear about babies being physically abused, girls being sexually abused, or teenagers and adults being stabbed and shot.

Why would I want to take time out of my day to even hear such stories?

It’s not that I don’t feel for the victims, It has nothing to do with that. What it IS to do with is focusing on the right things.

The same should apply to you. You can’t expect to be happy, cheerful and smiling if you’re feeding your mind with negativity all day.

You might not be consciously aware of it but it DOES have an impact.

Here’s an excerpt of a study that was done in 1997, taken straight from Psychology Today

In the knowledge that the proportion of negatively-valenced emotional material in news bulletins was increasing, in 1997 we conducted a study looking at the psychological effects of viewing negative news items. We constructed three different 14-min news bulletins. One was made entirely of negative news items, one was made of entirely positive news items (e.g. people winning the lottery, recovering from illness, etc.), and one was made up of items that were emotionally neutral. We then showed these bulletins to three different groups of people. As we predicted, those who watched the negative news bulletin all reported being significantly more anxious and sadder after watching this bulletin than those people who watched either the positive or neutral news bulletin.

I’m not surprised by this. If you’re living in a crime ridden area, and the news over exaggerate how “dangerous” that area may be, you’ll understandably feel more anxious and afraid.

I call it fear tactics.


5. You are what you focus on

Whether the news reports are true or false, If you focus on it enough you’ll end up believing it. And the moment you believe something, you become something.

That could be a judgmental, moody bastard. Or maybe even a little racist without realizing it. You might start treating certain types of people differently, and treating someone like dirt based on how they dress.

If i was to lock you in a room, tie you to a chair, put a gun to your head and force you to watch programs that portray people who wear hoodies as criminals, you’d eventually believe it subconsciously. And yes I know, that sentence was a mouthful.


6. It won’t benefit you

I like to personally focus on things that are beneficial to my life in some way. Unless what you’re watching is an inspiring success story (unlikely), its not doing you any good.

It’s about as beneficial as jumping into the antarctic sea naked. Do things that uplift you and push you forward!


Can you add any more to this list of 6 reasons you should stop watching the news?


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