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5 Surprising Benefits Of Not Giving A Fuck

5 Surprising Benefits Of Not Giving A Fuck

5 Surprising Benefits Of Not Giving A Fuck

There are more disadvantages to giving a fuck than there are to NOT giving a fuck. Just take a look at the celebrities who’ve quit social media because of it.

Or the people who are too afraid to follow their dreams because they give a fuck about what others will think of them.

Or the people who pursue a career they hate because they give too much of a fuck about what people might say if they choose their own path.

Or the people who chase marriage in their 20’s, even though they’d rather not, because of peer pressure from┬átheir parents and society.

If that’s you, these 5 surprising benefits of not giving a fuck will give you something to think about.


1. You’ll focus on the things that matter

“When you focus on what you want, everything else fades away.” – Unknown

More than 6 years ago I would have gave a fuck about the criticism and thoughtless opinions of idiotic people.

Nowadays though that would be a joke for me to worry about pettiness like that.

At some point down the road of change, you’ve got to look at things logically, not emotionally.

Looking at it logically leads to intense focus on the things that matter to you. Because you’ll realize what matters in the grand scheme of things.

Looking at things emotionally leads you to giving a damn about the opinions of others. Or worse, letting it stand in your way and making you miserable.


2. You’ll have more energy to put into better things

“Starve your distractions. Feed your focus.” – Unknown

I dare you to go on YouTube right now, and search for a Justin Bieber video. Or a Drake music video. Or any celebrity you can think of like Paris Hilton. If you do, you’ll see nothing but an overflow of hate, jealousy, negative comments and spiteful remarks.

Do you really think those celebrities are paying attention to all of that bullshit? They don’t give a fuck about that. And that’s the point I’m making here.

When you give less of a fuck you’ll have more energy to put into better, bigger things. Like your goals. Like progressing. Like your relationships, family, friends, or whatever else that’s important to you.


3. You won’t make something big out of something petty

You know how some girls brake a nail and start crying because of it?

Or how some guys get rejected by girls, then become depressed over one or two silly girls who turned them down?

That’s what I mean by making something big out of something petty.

Way back when I’d get upset over a negative comment, or even blow it out of proportion and take it too personally.

When you give less of a fuck, you won’t do that. Because you’ll see things through a new lens, a new perspective, and from a new light.

Instead of looking at things emotionally, which only blows things out of proportion and exaggerates the circumstances.


4. You’ll set a good example for those around you

“Be the kind of leader that you would follow.” – Unknown

If people around you constantly see you getting frustrated and angry over petty things, especially kids, they’ll adopt your habits. And that’s not good. Or worse, they’ll abandon you because they don’t want to be around someone who stresses over every little thing.

When you give less of a fuck and look at things logically, you become calmer and learn to handle criticism better. That’s attractive and will set a good example for those around you. As well as inspire and encourage them.


5. Your mind will be at ease

“Remain calm in every situation because peace equals power.” – Joyce Meyer

You know what happens when you give a fuck about what people think? Or you take things too seriously? You become a prisoner to your own thoughts and emotions.

Your mind will be full of junk, garbage, negativity, stress, and eventually it’ll show up physically when you look in the mirror.

When you learn to stop giving a fuck and practice it, your mind will be at ease. You’ll feel calmer, higher spirited, happier, and more in control.


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