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5 Positive Life Lessons To Be Learned From Michelle Phan

5 Positive Life Lessons To Be Learned From Michelle Phan

Living on food stamps or benefits isn’t a good enough excuse for not making something of yourself. Especially in the long run.

Neither is living in a broken environment or not having a fat chunk of money to kickstart your success.

Yeah, that can hold you back but it can’t stop you if you’re determined.

Michelle Phan’s success story is proof of that fact.

It’s not about where you’re at, it’s more about where you’re going and what you’re doing to get there.

There are 5 positive life lessons to be learned from Michelle Phan. Pay attention!


1. Circumstances don’t define you

Michelle Phan grew up in a household where her father would blow all their money on gambling, and he was abusive.

There was also a lot of arguing between her mum and dad, and the gambling problem only made life harder financially.

Not to mention most of their income was coming from food stamps.

Michelle dealt with this by drawing and creating art to block it all out.

And eventually committed to being an artist and finding a way to make it successful.

She took her artistic talents to YouTube, was one of the earliest adopters of beauty videos, and the rest is history.


No excuses

  1. She didn’t let her circumstances hold her back.
  2. She didn’t let her family troubles hold her back.
  3. And she persevered regardless of the adversity she faced.

If Michelle Phan can do it, so can you. And so can all of us.

Circumstances don’t define you, your actions and the changes you’re willing to make define you.

To change your circumstances you’ve got to change yourself. And see it through no matter what.


2. Purpose is a necessity

Purpose is what drove Michelle Phan to internet success, no matter which way you look at it.

Her purpose was to be a successful make up artist and be in a good enough position to help her family financially. That’s what kept her going regardless of setbacks.

When life gets tough, it’s your purpose that will drive you forward and give you the motivation to keep on pushing.

If you lack:

  • A purpose.
  • A reason.
  • Or meaning in your life.

You’re bound to give up, quit, throw in the towel, fall flat on your face and never get back up again.

Find your purpose, your reasons, and do whatever it takes to see it all the way through. Reasons make all the difference!

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3. Never let go of your dreams

Michelle Phan made a promise to her mum that she’s going to become a successful artist doing what she loves. and make her proud. That’s a promise she wasn’t willing to break.

Sure enough that dream of hers became a reality.

  • She didn’t let her dreams slip away just because life was tough.
  • She didn’t let go of her dreams just because they seemed out of reach.

But what she did do is figure it out, commit, learn, practice, stayed consistent until it came to fruition.


Hold on to your dreams

Your dreams are possible, but you have to first believe it’s possible.

Always look to others as examples of what’s been done, what can be done and what YOU can do.

Never let go of your dreams no matter what challenges you face along the way.

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4. Settling is NOT an option

Looking at Michelle’s past experiences and way of life, she could have easily given up and settled for a “regular” job. Or settled for a mediocre, unfulfilled, unhappy lifestyle.

She could have settled for a career she didn’t like or even a career that was well-below her potential.


But she didn’t. Never settle for less than you can have

She put ALL her effort into making her dreams, goals, plans and aims come true. Now she’s living a life she deserves because she was willing to put in the work.

Never settle for less than you can have. There’s more out there to be earned and gained, and putting in the work to get it is well worth the effort.

You only get to live this life once, ya know?


5. You’ve got to be bigger than your problems

Michelle Phan clearly faced problems when she was starting out as a YouTube vlogger. The same way we all face problems regardless of which stage we’re at in life.

But by being bigger than her problems and refusing to think small, she overcame them by keeping her eyes on the prize.


Keep your eyes on the prize and refuse to think small

When your problems become bigger than you, you’ll never be able to overcome those problems.

To overcome your problems you’ve got to:

  1. Change your perspective.
  2. Think bigger.
  3. Focus on solutions.
  4. Get logical.
  5. Stay focused on your goals.

When you focus on the pay off of your goals, focus on solutions, be logical and commit to thinking big, your problems will pale in comparison.

That’s what will drive you and continue to push you forward till you eventually overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Have goals so big that your problems pale in comparison.” – Grant Cardone


Which of these 5 positive life lessons have helped you the most?

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