If there’s one thing we all value, but maybe not enough, it’s time.

The difference between showing up and showing up 1 minute late can cost you massively.

Not just with work or business, but more so with YOU as a person.

As the saying goes, people treat us the way we treat ourselves.

Let’s talk a little more about that.

Here are the benefits of showing up on time.


1. People are able to depend on you

Being reliable and dependable is an irresistible trait to possess. And anyone of us can have it if we commit to it.

People who show up are attractive and favored. And that’s because

  1. They’re reliable.
  2. They’re available when you need them.
  3. You can always count on them for one thing or another.
  4. They get the job done.
  5. They rarely disappoint.

Earlier today my train journey was delayed on my way to seeing a client.

But because I made it a priority to leave out early, that delay didn’t stop me from showing up early.

Had I left out later and decided to be “lazy” about it, I would have been late for sure.

People appreciate those who are on time and those who show up regardless. Which leads to my next point….


2. You’ll gain massive amounts of respect from others

There are few things you can do in this world if people don’t respect you. And showing up is one of the easiest ways to solve that problem.

Going back to earlier today, had I shown up late to see my client I would have lost a certain level of respect from them.

And lost respect is harder to gain back. Especially when the person you’re dealing with puts a high value on their time.


3. You’ll gain people’s trust, and that’s powerful

Just like a relationship, if someone can trust you then you’re in good hands.

If you can’t be trusted then nobody will want to build a relationship with you. Never mind maintain a relationship.

The same applies to your job, business, your friends birthday party and everything in between.

Show up, be committed, do it consistently and people will consist trust you. Which can only lead to bigger, better opportunities and beneficial results.


4. Your self esteem is bound to grow

You’ll see yourself in a positive light. And your self image will thank you for it.

You’ll also start holding yourself to a higher standard, and people around you will be able to see it.

When you feel good about yourself, others around you will also feel good.

And that in itself is something to not just feel good about, but be proud of. That all stems from consistently showing up and being willing to discipline yourself.


5. You’ll become more of a likable person

I personally love people who are true to their word, who show up, and are reliable. People like that are likable.

They’re likable because:

  1. They value my time.
  2. They value their own time.
  3. They hold themselves to a high standard.
  4. They’re committed.

That doesn’t mean everybody will like them because lets be honest, it takes more than just that to like someone. But one things for sure, they’ll be respected because of their:

  1. Reliability.
  2. Credibility.
  3. And consistency.

Which goes back to point number 2.