Some people would piss on your grave if they could. And stab you in the back with a 10 inch blade if they could get away with it.

Yes, some of us are that negative. 

You know the types of people I’m talking about. The ones who:

  1. Makes your life shitty.
  2. Drain you of positive energy.
  3. Cause you to be more depressed than necessary.
  4. Stand in the way of your goals and dreams.
  5. Rain on your parade.

Here are 4 Types Of People You Should Absolutely Avoid. Unless you’re a masochist who finds pleasure in self inflicted pain.


1. Backstabbers

4 Types Of People You Should Absolutely Avoid

One day I ran into a guy I knew from high school. We’ll call him N.

N was driving, and told me to get in. So I thought – why not? It’ll get me to my destination faster anyway.

There was another guy in the car. N’s “friend”. The weather was nice and sunny that day.

After having a chat with his friend before dropping him off, you wouldn’t believe the sudden change in N’s tone of voice.

The first thing N blurted out:

That guy is a fucking idiot.

5 minutes before they were talking as if they were best mates. Then N started talking shit about the guy the moment he left.

It’s as if he was an avatar being controlled by it’s player all of a sudden.

I thought – I wonder what N says about me when my back is turned?

STAY AWAY from backstabbers.

Their toxic, dangerous, trouble makers and insincere.


2. Quitters

“Never take advice from a quitter.” – Grant Cardone

You’ve met these types of people before. They’re disguised as:

  1. Naysayers.
  2. Complainers.
  3. Pessimists.
  4. Doomsayers.
  5. Haters.
  6. Dictators.

They LOVE to give you advice because they wrongly believe they’re right. 

And you? 

You’re nothing but stupid, crazy, idiotic, and unrealistic for going against their advice. That’s their belief anyway.

They’ll tell you:

  1. It’s impossible.
  2. Nobody from X has accomplished Y.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Stop trying so hard.
  5. You’re wasting your time.

A quitter tells you this because it validates their poor attitudes and motivation.

Unless you want to emulate their lives, foggy perspectives and broken spirits, avoid them at all costs.

Or at least don’t be stupid enough to act on their so called wisdom. And that’s true especially if it’s your own family.


3. Short cutters

4 Types Of People You Should Absolutely Avoid

You know what I’ve learned?

The more you try to take shortcuts, the more unethical and immoral you become.

And if not that, then you end up more stupid than necessary.

Short-cutters are the ones who:

  1. Will find a way to scam you out of your money.
  2. Start a business with a partner with the intent of running away with ALL the money.
  3. Will steal from you.
  4. Think short-term vs long term.

Short term thinking always leads to short term results, and long term suffering.

Surrounding yourself with these types of people will be to your own detriment.

Because they’ll infect you with the nasty disease, and it’ll swim through your veins, blood vessels, until it reaches your brain and corrupts your way of thinking.

And your way of life.


4. People who obsessively keep score

4 Types Of People You Should Absolutely Avoid

Remember how I did X for you that time? You owe me! I expect the favor to be returned.

You’ve met the type. They’re the worst. They believe the world owes them something, even though the world was here before they existed.

They’re entitled. And even worse than that?

They give you something JUST so they can say – “you owe me because I did X for you”.

They measure everything. And believe they’re entitled to be given something in return for EVERY SINGLE THING they do for you.

No matter how small or big.

Avoid these people at ALL costs.

They’re not your friends, or your family. They’re your enemy in disguise. And will diarrhea all over your happiness until it turns into unhappiness.

“Expecting something in return usually corrupts a good deed.” – Kayo Senju


  1. Quitters always want you to quit also, so they can say, i told you what you are trying to do wasn’t gonna work.

    Quitters want company, they like to see more people quit ,& they can lough at you because they cant lough at them self , so they’ll rather lough at someone else.
    I agree with Theo, avoid those people by all means.

    • “Quitters always want you to quit also, so they can say, i told you what you are trying to do wasn’t gonna work.”

      You said it best in that first part of your comment Tendani. Thanks for sharing man!


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