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4 Surprising Things That Are Not Important In Life

4 Surprising Things That Are Not Important In Life

You’re on your deathbed. You have 30 minutes to live.

If this were true, how would you spend the last 30 minutes of your life? We can both agree you’d be thinking about everything that’s precious to you.

Including your memories, experiences, choices, and hopefully, NOT a pile of regrets.

In life we put too much value on things that don’t matter. Things that would be worthless in your last moments of living on this earth.

Here are 4 Surprising Things That Are Not Important In Life. Things that won’t matter in the end, and things we put too much value on to our own detriment.


1. Whether people like you or not

4 Surprising Things That Are Not Important In Life

Social media is crazy. Or should I say – social media is the drug that’s making people crazy?

Everybody’s in a rush to be liked. We’re all in a rush to feel accepted by others. And gaining followers for many is the gateway to being “liked” by others.

But why? What’s the big deal?

Why’s everybody so desperate to be liked and loved by strangers we’ve never even met?

I once wrote an article for personal development site – Pick The Brain. 

The article was about self motivation and overcoming laziness. My intention was to help whoever read the article. (Obviously)

And yet, some of the comments on Facebook were similar to:

  • This guys arrogant, stuck up, and things he’s something special. What a load of bullshit!

You can’t please everybody.

It doesn’t matter how GOOD your intentions are, there are people who won’t like you.

Some will even go as far as criticizing you, belittling you, and putting you down.

And being the nicest person on the planet won’t change that.


2. Other people’s opinions of what you “should” do

“Everything works, but not everything works for you.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

First it starts off with your parents. Then it’s your teachers. Then it’s your authority figures. And then it’s society itself.

At least 1 of these groups throughout your life will say:

  1. What you “should” be doing.
  2. How you “should” be behaving.
  3. How you “should” be acting.
  4. And how you “should” be living.

“Should” is a dangerous word.

When starting my first business, I was told NOT to do it.

You should get a job instead.

This coming from a person who has never started a business. Or worse, they did, but it didn’t work out for them. Which makes them nothing more than doomsayers. 

“Should” applies ONLY to the person saying it. You shouldn’t do anything other than:

  1. What’s true to you
  2. What’s RIGHT for you

Because in the end, you’re the only one who has to deal with the consequences. And even more important than that, it’s your life. Nobody else can live it for you.


3. Your grades/diploma/degree

4 Surprising Things That Are Not Important In Life

The education system is built to make you compete like a wild Lion competing for it’s prey. But that’s not the reason it’s not important in life.

The REAL reason is this: Getting a degree/good grades won’t guarantee anything.

Almost everybody I know in high school had better grades than I did. And yet, most of them can’t get work doing the thing their “good grades” entitle them to do.

Others can’t even find a job. And some have had massive opportunities they decided not to take.

Having good grades doesn’t make a difference, it’s the person with the grades that makes a difference.


4. Your IQ Level

I don’t know what My IQ is. I just know I have intelligence, and that’s all that matters to me.

I’ve never met anybody who’s said to me – “So tell me, what’s your IQ level and have you measured it?”.

And the reason being is nobody cares, except YOU.

I’ve also sold over 1000+ products on eBay. Not 1 buyer messaged me asking what my IQ was before making a purchase.

I’ve published 100’s of articles on dozens of large websites. NONE of them asked me what my IQ was before publishing my posts.

Your IQ level (or your degree) is the last thing you’ll care about when you’re on your deathbed. Let’s keep it real here.

External validation is expensive. Don’t buy into that bullshit.


  1. Nice little list Theo… I think you’ll only regret the things you know you should have but didn’t do, on your deathbed! Staying true to yourself regardless of what others say is definitely a key factor in success and happiness. Thanks for sharing


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