3 Misleading Self Confidence Tips You Should Avoid

3 Misleading Self Confidence Tips You Should Avoid

You know how some guys mislead girls into trusting them, only to cheat on them later on?

Or how some girls mislead guys into trusting them, only to turn around and say “I’m pregnant” to trap the guy?

Well education is no different. There are some people who are in your best interests and some who are all hype and no value.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I came across and have read articles on the topic of self confidence. Only to come across very misleading tips that even the followers of the blog DISAGREED with.

Here are those 3 misleading self confidence tips you should avoid at all costs.


1. Walking faster boosts your confidence

facepalm GIF

Imagine saying something like this to someone with as much confidence as a beginner? How would they feel?

One thing is for sure. If I was told walking faster would boost my terrible levels of confidence, I’d feel insulted, tricked and lied to.

It’s not that easy to build up your self confidence or else everybody would do it. As someone who’s suffered from low confidence I know this to be BS.

Walking faster is usually a result of something radically different.

  1. People who are in a rush.
  2. People who are in a panic.
  3. People who are afraid of something.

Walking faster to boost your confidence is about as real as Cinderella being my neighbor. She doesn’t exist!


2. Sitting in the front row boosts confidence

3 Misleading Self Confidence Tips You Should Avoid

I’ve heard this tip MANY times from various people, speakers, writers, etc. This is total nonsense.

Imagine telling someone with a petty amount of confidence to sit in the front row to boost their confidence.

How ridiculous would that be? Imagine the kind of look you’d see on that persons face….

And unfortunately out of desperation they’d still do it. If this has been your experience, wake up. You’ve been tricked and it’s not your fault.

If it’s too easy then it always tends to be a lie or superficial.


3. Use affirmations to build your confidence

3 Misleading Self Confidence Tips You Should Avoid

Affirmations are great when there’s genuine self belief behind your words. But what about when you don’t believe what you’re saying?

What If you don’t believe you can be or are confident? Saying to yourself “I’m confident” 100 times won’t help. That’s for sure.

Magic may be real in Harry Potter but In the real world it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t work like that.

To really boost your self confidence you need practical steps to follow. You need actionable steps and something that WORKS. Something legit.


Here’s my number 1 tip to help you build up your self confidence.


1. Celebrate your WINS and successes

3 Misleading Self Confidence Tips You Should Avoid

Winning feels great and none of us can deny it. Succeeding feels great and we all crave more of it.

So why is it few of us celebrate those wins and successes? You can call it habit, but never mind that.

What’s important is you celebrate, acknowledge and recognize ALL of your wins no matter what. Every time you win, succeed or accomplish something, celebrate it.

Celebrate it with a:

  1. Meal at the restaurant.
  2. Have a party if it’s your style.
  3. Go for a drink.
  4. Play video games.
  5. Do something enjoyable.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  7. Brag about it.

Or whatever else you feel is adequate. Each time you celebrate your wins your self awareness increases. Because you recognize your capabilities, and that makes you feel good and confident.

Which only pumps you up that much more to achieve and accomplish a whole lot more.


Read this article for more on confidence building.

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  • celebrating my wins is something that I have begun doing also. It’s great to acknowledge your accomplishments and it gives you that bump of motivation you need to keep going.
    Great Post!

    • Absolutely. It’s so easy to just pass your “wins” by and brush them off. But there’s power in celebrating each one and expressing your pride for it. Thanks for commenting!

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