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10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

10 no nonsense quotes you need to live by

Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away. – Ismail Haniyeh

Just Be Real is the mantra I live by. If you’re not just being real with yourself, others or your life, what’s the point?

Living a lie takes too much energy and effort.

You know what else takes too much effort? Avoiding the truth, trying to escape it and trying to abandon it.

You can’t run from something that’s glued to you like a blood sucking leech. Not until you confront it head on.

These 10 no nonsense quotes are bound to smack you in the face pretty damn hard, as they have for me.

But it’s all for the better.

10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

Grant Cardone is a straightforward, no nonsense entrepreneur. And that’s why I love this quote.

It’s so easy to be lazy, get on two knees, pray, hope, and wish for someone to come to your rescue. It’s so easy to hope things will work out the way you want them to work out.

And It’s so easy to look for a “get rich quick” scheme to solve our problems, or seek out a “quick fix” to get what we want.

But in reality all that’s a bullshit lie you keep telling yourself. And the thing is, you KNOW deep down It’s a lie. Ain’t a single person on this planet that will be coming to your rescue.

If you want to make your dreams materialize, it all comes down to you and YOU only.

Everything else is second to that.

10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

We’ve all heard people make excuses before.

You’ve probably been one to make an excuse to justify not doing something yourself. I know I have before.

No matter how good of an excuse you make for something, it’s still a pitiful excuse.

  • If you associate luck with being talented, that’s an excuse.
  • If you claim foreigners are taking all the jobs… That’s an excuse.
  • If you’re headed to work via a train, and you blame the train for not being fast enough…. That’s an excuse.
  • If you blame the traffic for slowing you down, that’s also an excuse.
  • If you claim to “have no” time in a day to do what you want…. That’s an excuse.

Here’s how I define an excuse:

If there were better alternatives to the choices you’ve made, and you justify it, you’re making excuses.

It’s better to offer no excuse than to offer a bad one!


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

Believing in something and not living out what you believe… Is like wanting to be a musician but settling for a job in a supermarket.

It’s dishonest to yourself, your beliefs, desires,  needs, and your dreams.

It’s dishonest to your morals, ethics and you as a human being. It’s dishonest to your future self.

If you believe in something, go for it. Easier said than done, right? Well, so what! Go for it and stop slacking off.

Don’t let the “easier said than done” excuse hold you back from your destiny. Excuses aren’t productive.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

When I was growing up I was spoon fed the typical “don’t get too much attention” bullshit. I’m surprised I didn’t throw up at the time.

Now I know better, you can’t get ANYWHERE flying under the radar.

  • You can’t get a job if the employer doesn’t know you.
  • You can’t get subscribers if they don’t know your blog exists.
  • You can’t get famous if you’re only known in the neighborhood.
  • You can’t make your charity successful If nobody knows it exists.
  • You can’t have a best selling book If too few people buy it.

If you want to “fly” under the radar then that’s fine.

But just know that your grandiose dreams, massive goals and big plans will never come true If so.

It’s a matter of doing the math.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

Simply put – If someone is going to lie to you over small things, they can’t be trusted with bigger matters.

Think about all the people that are around you right now.

Who’s holding you back? Who’s getting in the way?

Who are you putting up with who’s been inauthentic to you from the get go?

Why are you tolerating it?

What you tolerate says a lot about who you are as a person.

Keep it real with yourself, do yourself a favor and get rid of these people.

Stay away from these people.

Run as fast as you can from these types of people.

You can kid yourself and say “but they’re my friends”, but you know what needs to be done deep down in your heart.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

The average person is afraid of death more than they are of giving up.

But giving up and throwing in the towel is like being a living zombie.

You’re alive enough to move around and operate, but that’s it. Once you’ve given up:

  • Your dreams are dead.
  • Your passion is dead.
  • Your purpose is dead.
  • Your reason for living is dead.
  • Your goals are dead.
  • Your plans are dead.
  • And YOU die from the inside out.

There’s a saying that goes like:

Some people die at 25 but it isn’t made official until they’re 75.

That’s the principle here.

Don’t kill yourself from the inside out by giving up on your raison d’etre. (Definition – reason for living in French)

Do whatever it takes and make it your obligation to fulfill your purpose.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

The point here is – If you spend your life caring about what people think, you’ll achieve very little.

Lily Allen doesn’t give a fuck about petty opinions people wanna throw at her. And neither should you.

What you do with your life is your business. What you aspire to do is your business. And how you are as a human being is your business.

If others don’t like it and want to comment and criticize you for it, that’s their problem, NOT yours. Keep that in mind.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

Excuses keep you stuck. Actions create momentum. And momentum can leads to results.

If something is going wrong in your life don’t make excuses, make a difference.

Excuses will never solve your problems or make life the way you want it to be.

Instead of making excuses work on solutions and don’t stop until you solve the problem.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

Haters can be troublesome.

More so when you believe that something is wrong with YOU when they’re hating on you.

But what you need to realize is the problem isn’t you, the problem is them.

When a hater, a troll, a negative person attempts to bring you down and sabotage you:

It says more about THEM than it does about YOU.

Realize it’s a personal problem on their side, and acknowledge the fact that it has nothing to do with you.


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By

The word “rich” has a nasty stigma to it. At least in the eyes of the majority of society. But so what?

If you secretly want to be rich (because why wouldn’t you?) then go ahead and commit to it. That’s my commitment.

The richer you are, the more you can:

  1. Contribute.
  2. Offer.
  3. Help out.
  4. Be of value.
  5. Be of service.
  6. Help customers.
  7. Help your clients.
  8. Help your family.
  9. Travel.
  10. Reach more people easier.
  11. Give to charity.
  12. Make a difference.

There’s no such thing as enough, more is always better.

So there you have it!


10 No Nonsense Quotes You Need To Live By.

Which quote has struck you the hardest? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Theo,

    “If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents–start charging for it.” – Kim Garst

    Too often people are afraid to put a real value on their worth.

    Enough of the self-sabotaging attitude and charge like you’re worth something.


    • Hey Joela. Kim Garst is cool. Never heard that quote but I like it.

      This is something I had a problem with in the beginning. It’s such a dangerous mindset to have, because you end up believing it’s “wrong” to put a £$ on your time and talents.

      It’s something I’ve gotten better at!

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